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18V Cordless Grease Gun

Heavy Duty Cordless Grease Gun for professional use.
With the new powerful 18V Grease Gun from Fritsche
lubrication will be really easy. Everywhere, at every time!


  • Continuous pumping of grease with the powerful 18V electric motor
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 9.500 PSI (500 psi tolerance)
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 75 g / Min.
  • Battery Capacity: 1.500 mAh
  • Battery Load Time: 1 h
  • High Pressure Hose: 42''
  • Grease Reservoir Capacity: 14.5 oz.
  • Total Weight: 18.4 lbs


Cordless Grease Gun

The cordless grease gun complete set from Fritsche, consisting of highly competitive 18V grease gun with battery, 240V one-hour quick battery charger, as well as 42'' high-pressure hose with bend protection feather. It comes in a tough, push-firm and dirt-repelling case of form-pressed plastic.

With the Cordless Grease Gun from Fritsche

The Power is in Your Hands.

Technical data:

Cordless grease gun:

  • Filling Options: 400 g grease-cartridge or 500cc of loose grease
  • Delivery Rate: 75 g / Min.
  • Working pressure: 6.000 PSI (500 PSI tolerance)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 9.500 PSI (500 PSI tolerance)


  • Working Voltage: 18 V
  • Capacity: 1.500 mA/h


  • Primary voltage: 240 V, 50 Hz, 38 W
  • Secondary voltage: 18V, 1.400 mA
  • Charging Time: 1 hour

Total weight with equipment and case: 18.4 lbs


Cordless Grease Gun

Specification of the Cordless Grease Gun: 

  • Complete cordless - no more tangling or tugging hoses or cords
  • With very strong high-performance 18 V electric motor, up to 10.000 PSI.
  • With 42'' flexible high-pressure hose. Perfect for hardly accessible areas.
  • With electronically steered quick battery charger (240 V), LED-controlling light and 2 m of connecting lead.
  • With two highly competitive batteries NiMH 18 V, longer lasting and more ecologically friendly than NiCd. Charging time = one hour
  • With 4 jaw hydraulic gripper nozzle.
  • With ergonomically balanced design to minimize operator strain.
  • With stable, practical carrying case.
  • With robust carrying strap for an easy, strength-saving application. The mobility at the work is raised.
  • With a bleed air valve to the prevention of air in the cordless grease gun.
  • With integrated pressure limitation valve.
  • With 18V spare battery. From now on unnecessary delays have an end.

Special features:

  • The cordless grease gun of Fritsche processes fat to class NLGI 2.
  • Form cuff with thick fit with loose fat or cartouches.
  • Separate opening for installation of he filling valve.
  • Sure handle in the push pole.
  • Stable construction.
  • Professional solution for the greasing of individual lubrication points
  • Easy to use and provides unrestricted mobility.

Charger Operation

Charging the battery pack general:

Before using the cordless grease gun for the fist time, if the battery pack is installed in the gun, remove it by depressing the two battery release buttons (one button on each side of battery pack) and pull the battery pack out of the cordless grease gun.

As a battery pack approaches the discharged state, you will notice a sharp drop in tool performance. When the tool is unable to perform the task at hand, it is time to recharge the battery pack. Recharging the battery pack before this condition is reached will reduce the total work life of the pack. Discharging the pack beyond this point can damage the pack.

Start the charging process by inserting the battery pack into the charging Socket of the charger. Then, plug the charger into the nearest 240 volt, grounded, electrical outlet. To start charging, press the "Set" button on the charger. The battery is charging when the green light illuminates.

After termination of the charging (approx. 1-2h), the red light illuminates. Pull the charger out of the socket and remove the battery.

Installing or removing the battery pack:

Depress the two battery release buttons (one button on each side of battery pack) and pull the battery pack out of cordless grease gun.

Note: Make sure the power circuit voltage is the same as that shown on the charger specification plate!

Note: The battery temperature will increase during and shortly after use. Batteries may not accept a full charge if they are charged immediately after use. Allow the battery pack to cool to room temperature before charging for best results.

How to install a Grease Cartridge in the Cordless Grease Gun

Removing Empty Grease Cartridge

  1. Pull back on the follower handle until the follower rod is fully extended and latch the follower rod groove into the slot on the tube end cap of the Grease Tube.
  2. Unscrew the grease tube assemble from the cordless grease gun.
  3. Carefully release the follower handle to eject the empty cartridge from the container tube.

Installing Grease Cartridge

  1. Remove the plastic cap from the grease cartridge and insert the cartridge into the container tube.
  2. Remove the pull tab from the grease cartridge and screw the grease tube into the pump assembly.
  3. Release the follower rod from the slot to allow it to go forward. Purge air from the pump. See air purging instructions.

To convert gun to allow filling from bulk container or filler pump

  1. Unscrew the grease tube assembly cap from the grease tube assembly. Pull on the follower handle to extract the follower and spring from the grease tube assembly.
  2. Grasp the follower between thumb and forefinger and flip the follower lip from the rear to the front side.

  3. Note:
    The follower resembles a cup. When the gun is assembled for use with bulk lubricant, the cup opens toward the pump assembly.

  4. Reassemble the follower into the grease tube assembly and position it with the follower handle so that the grease tube assembly cap can be tightened onto the container tube.

To fill the cordless grease gun from bulk container

  1. Remove grease tube from the cordless grease gun.
  2. Insert the open end of the grease tube assembly into the lubricant. Slowly pull the follower handle back while pushing the grease tube assembly deeper into the lubricant to prevent air pockets from being pulled into the grease tube assembly.
  3. When the follower rod is fully extended, pull it sideways to latch the rod groove into the keyhole slot in the grease tube assembly cap.
  4. Turn the grease tube into the cordless grease gun and release the follower rod from the slot on the end cap of the tube to allow the follower rod to go forward.
  5. Clean any excess grease of the gun body.

To fill the cordless grease gun with a filler pump

A bulk filler fitting will need to be installed in the cordless grease gun head cap (not included). Replace the pipe plug in the head cap with the bulk loader fitting. Engage the follower rod with the follower by rotating the follower handle. Insert the gun filler nipple into the filler pump socket. Operate the filler pump to fill the container. When the follower rod groove is exposed, the grease tube assembly is filled. The follower rod will be extended approximately 8 inches (20 cm). Disengage the follower rod from the follower by rotating the follower handle. Push the follower rod into the grease tube assembly.

To expel air pockets

  1. Free the follower rod from the grease tube assembly cap and depress the vent valve when pushing the follower rod forward.
  2. Squeeze the switch several times to operate the cordless grease gun until trapped air is expelled. Push the follower rod into the grease tube assembly.

Inspection, maintenance and cleaning

  1. Warning: Make sure the Switch is in the "off" position, the battery is removed from the cordless grease gun and unplug the charger from its electrical outlet before performing any inspection, maintenance, or cleaning.
  2. BEFORE EACH USE, check the general condition of the cordless grease gun. Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, cracked or broken parts, leaking battery pack, damaged Hose, and any other condition that may affect its safe operation. If abnormal noise or vibration occurs, have the problem corrected before further use. Do not use damaged equipment.
  3. Battery back precautions: Never burn batteries, as they can explode in a fire. Do not charge leaking batteries. Only a qualified service technician should perform maintenance on the battery pack. Contact local solid waste authorities for instructions on correct disposal or recycling of the battery pack.
  4. DAILY: Use a soft, dry cloth, remove all dirt, grease, and debris from the exterior of the cordless grease gun. Do not use solvents to clean the cordless grease gun.
  5. When storing: Always remove the battery pack from the cordless grease gun. Keep the grease gun and its accessories in a clean, dry location and out of children reach.

Safety Instructions:

Failure to follow all instructions listed below may result in electric shock, fire, and / or serious injury. Please read carefully.

  1. The cordless grease gun may be pursued only with the original 18V battery intended for the gun. The use of another battery can lead to damages of the cordless grease gun, or to a fire danger.
  2. Check regularly the pressure-leading parts (high-pressure hose), as well as the electricity-leading parts (battery charger) for possible damages. Change defective parts immediately for genuine parts.
  3. By use of not original accessories, as for example high-pressure hoses, connection fittings, accumulator or battery charger accident danger can exist in particular cases. In accidents and damages by foreign shares no liability can be assumed.
  4. The setting of the pressure limitation valve may be on no account changed.
  5. Do not break off sharply the high-pressure hose.

Work Area:

  1. Keep your work area clean and well lit. Cluttered benches and dull areas may cause accidents.
  2. Do not operate power tools like the cordless grease gun in explosive atmospheres such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases, or dust. Power tools create sparks that may ignite the materials.
  3. Keep bystanders, children, and visitors away while operating a power tool. Distractions can lead you to lose control.

Electrical Safety:

  1. Avoid body contact with grounded surfaces such as pipes, couplers. There is an increased risk of electric shock if your body is grounded.
  2. Do not expose power tools to rain or wet conditions. Water entering your cordless grease gun will increase the risk of electric shock.

Personal Safety:

  1. Stay alert. Watch what you are doing, and use common sense when operating a power tool. Do not use your cordless grease gun while tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication. A moment of inattention while operating power tools may result in serious personal injury.
  2. Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Contain long hair. Keep your hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewelry, or long hair can be caught in moving parts.
  3. Avoid accidental starting. Be sure the switch is released before plugging in. Carrying power tools with your finger on the Trigger, or plugging in your cordless grease gun with the Trigger depressed, invites accidents.
  4. Remove adjusting keys or wrenches before turning the cordless grease gun on. A wrench or a key that is left attached to a rotating part of the power tools may result in personal injury.
  5. Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. Proper footing and balance enables better control of the power tool in unexpected situations.
  6. Use safety equipment. Always wear approved safety glasses underneath a full face safety shield. Dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing protection must be used for appropriate conditions.

Warning notices:

  1. Do not use the battery charger in damp or wet locations. Do not use the cordless grease gun or the charger if it has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or immersed in liquid. To avoid electrical shock, do not handle the charger, its power cord plug, or the cordless grease gun with wet hands.
  2. The cordless grease gun can develop high pressure - up to 10,000 PSI. Use safety glasses and gloves for protection during operation. Keep hands clear of the exposed rubber portion of the high-pressure hose.
  3. Extreme pressure may cause nozzle extensions or flex hoses to burst. Use only APPROVED hoses and follow whip hose instructions and warnings.

Tips in case of disturbances:

Symptom Possible reason Removal
The Motor does not run. The battery is empty or defect.

The wiring to the engine is defective.
Battery charge or replace.

Extract the battery, dismantle the handle and examine for lose connections.
The pressure limitation valve opens while the delivering of grease. The grease nipple is defective or blocks.

The lubrication tube is defective or blocks.

The bearing point is defective or blocks.
Examine the concerning parts and if necessary clean or substitute.
The grease gun promotes no fat. The grease container is empty.

The fat supply is interrupted.
Check the filling stand in the fat container

Air the grease gun.
The grease gun pauses perpetually with the fat support. During the ventilation with loose fat aerial inclusions are in the fat. Empty the grease container and fill it anew.

Air the grease gun.
The battery records no load. Charger is without mains voltage.

The accumulator is defective or used.
Check whether the socket leads electricity.

Substitute the battery.


After ending of utilisation the cordless grease gun is to be decontaminated properly according to the valid legal regulations.


With attention of the operating instructions and designated use we stick within the scope of the legal guarantee duty. With guarantee claims absolutely add the invoice of your dealer with purchase date.


Cordless Grease Gun

Get more done in less time - cleanly and efficiently.

The Cordless Grease Gun.

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